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Upgrade On-premises installation From V7.6?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Since V7.7, we have moved all user files in user/ directory.
Please follow the steps below to upgrading:

STEP1: Download the latest file from
STEP2: Unzip the dbface product file in a new directory in web root (i.e. dbface_new)
STEP3: Copy
dbface/user  --> dbface_new/user
config/dbface.db --> dbface_new/data/dbface.db
STEP4: Making the directories writable:
STEP5: Check the new installation works:
STEP6: Rename dbface to dbface_old and dbface_new to dbface.

If you found 500 errors, please check logs in user/logs, it should be caused by directory permission issue.

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