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Which plan should I choose?
Last Updated 7 years ago

According to your needs´╝îDbFace provides 4 plans: Basic, Premium, Enterprise, On-premise.

  • Basic:
Basic package includes 5 sub-account, create up to 2 database connections, and up to 100 applications.

  • Premium:
Premium version does not apply the limitation to the number of sub-accounts, database connections and applications.

  • Enterprise:
Enterprise version allows you run updated DbFace on a managed VPS host, we will keep your DbFace always updated.

You don't have to wait for deployment, and you don't have to wait days for product updates either. We silently ship updates instantly to your DbFace account.

  • On-Premise:
You can also host DbFace in your own environment with On-premise plan. On-premise license is lifetime, it means DbFace will never expired, but you still need to pay the upgrade fee (50% of the license fee) to get the update after 1 year.

You need to get the latest update from our website and do a upgrade manually.

Basic Or Premium?
If your database connections are very small and do not have many tables, you can start with the Basic plan. You can upgrade to Premium, after reaching any limitation.

Premium or Enterprise?
Enterprise plan provides you a managed VPS host to run DbFace. You own your own computing resources, and we will keep your version always updated.

Enterprise or On-premise?
If you do not want any external applications to touch your databases, you can choose On-premise plan. You need to check and do upgrades yourself, once new version available.

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